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Have you ever wondered what "I've Been Everywhere" would look like in a picture? I did on a weekend when I didn't have a lot going on and this is the result: (click on the picture to see a larger version) I know; I had way too much time on my hands that but it was just one of those lazy weekends.
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Rosanne Cash wrote a great article in the magazine, Oxford American (Winter 2013 edition - Issue 83) that is an absolute must read for fans of both Rosanne and Johnny Cash. The article is titled, "Long Way Home".
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Do you know that Johnny Cash has his own radio station? In this modern era of Internet radio, yes, Johnny Cash has his own radio station.
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With the recent announcement of a soon to be released album, "Out Among the Stars", by Johnny Cash, one has to wonder how much more unreleased material is there in existence and how long will Johnny Cash fans have to wait to hear it? I am not complaining, this is more of a statement of excitement; excitement that there could be even more unheard and unreleased material that at some point in the future could be found and released, that's exciting, right?

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