With the recent announcement of a soon to be released album, "Out Among the Stars", by Johnny Cash, one has to wonder how much more unreleased material is there in existence and how long will Johnny Cash fans have to wait to hear it? I am not complaining, this is more of a statement of excitement; excitement that there could be even more unheard and unreleased material that at some point in the future could be found and released, that's exciting, right? I can only image how much physical material Johnny Cash must have produced over the years with countless days in various studios. Tapes, vinyl; all of this "stuff" gets stored somewhere and it isn't difficult to come to the conclusion that some of this "stuff" might get lost in the system. How many of you have lost or misplaced something at your house only to find it weeks, months or years later, tucked in a box up in the attic or down in the basement? It happens! I can imagine that with almost 50 years of recordings, "Out Among the Stars", isn't going to be the last original Johnny Cash material we get to hear for the first time. We can hold on to the hope that somewhere there are more recordings and eventually, like this one, they will be found and released for all Johnny Cash fans to hear and enjoy.
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