Today the United States Postal Service honors Johnny Cash with the release of a Johnny Cash "Forever" stamp that features a very cool looking photo of Cash from the Ring of Fire photo sessions.

The Johnny Cash Stamp

There are also several other items being offered in the collection including posters, press sheets of the stamps, envelopes, and artwork. You can get several of the items with a "first day" cancellation to add to the overall coolness of the item. You should be able to pick up the stamps at your local post office while the other items in the collection are available on the USPS website (

You can even get a Johnny Cash pictorial postmark on your letters for the first 30 days (until July 5th) by mailing your items to be postmarked directly to:

Johnny Cash Postmark c/o Postmaster
140 N. Harvard Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711-9998

Has there ever been a better reason to send someone a letter? Let's face it; you can't put a Johnny Cash stamp on an email. So go ahead and send your Mother or loved one a letter and stamp it with the Johnny Cash Forever Stamp!

On a side note, if you are interested in reading about how the Postal Service determines who they honor with a stamp, you can read about it here.
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