The other night I was helping out at a local church function and was truly humbled by a child. It all started when Greg (our drummer) asked me if I could help out at his church. They had a full band coming in for a youth rally and they felt that the house sound system might be inadequate as it lacked subs. The event was late on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't have any plans for the evening so I happily agreed to bring the band sound system to the event and make sure everything sounded as good as it could.

On the day of the event, I packed everything up in the van and headed over with my son, Spencer (who is actually the singer on track 11 of our CD), and got everything setup. It worked out perfect that this event was mainly for youth because it gave Spencer something to do and he actually knew a few of the other kids that were there. So I was happy working behind the sound board and Spencer was happy to be off playing with his friends and enjoying the event. The band was a contemporary Christian Rock band called iAnthem and they were really good. The kids at the event seemed like they were enjoying the show and I was feeling pretty good about the sound coming from the stage. I was just getting comfortable when I see Spencer walking towards me. He had left his group of friends and walked all the way to the back of the room, he approaches me and says, "Dad! You've got the snare too loud in the mix. You need to turn it down." He then turned around, walked back to his friends and enjoyed the rest of the show. I, humbled by my 12 year old, promptly turned down the snare. Kids these days!
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