I was visiting Cleveland, Ohio a few months ago and had an opportunity to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum. It was my first visit to Cleveland, Ohio and therefore my first visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with both. Without diverting too much off subject I would like to say that Cleveland, Ohio was a great town to visit and that I hope to go back sometime in the near future. The food (and micro-brews!) were awesome and I just didn't have enough time to see everything that was there to see. Now back to the main subject; The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum...

Initially I was a bit taken back by the size of the museum. It is enormous! However, when you think about it, it makes sense, it would have to be. While Rock & Roll hasn't been around that long, compared to other genres of music, there is a lot of history and memorabilia to be displayed if you are going to accurately showcase this phenomenon of music we call Rock & Roll. This is exactly what the museum did and they did it very well. Using all forms of multimedia and tons of displays showing significant artifacts, even the most hardcore Rock & Roll "know it all" geek will be entertained and learn something new. There are so many facets of Rock & Roll and, for me, it was nicely and thoroughly documented and displayed.

Johnny Cash was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992 (view Johnny Cash's inductee page) and I knew that the Hall of Fame Museum would have lots of info and memorabilia related to Johnny Cash. As I approached the museum I couldn't help wondering how it was going to compare to the Johnny Cash Museum which I visited a few months earlier (read about My Visit to the Johnny Cash Museum). Having never been to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I really had no idea what to expect but I guess I had formed some sort of opinion because I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, meaning I guess it was better than what I had expected. I am not going to state which museum is better because they are different and unique. The Johnny Cash Museum is about a man, Johnny Cash, and it perfectly describes and portrays him and his accomplishments. The Hall of Fame Museum is about a genre of which Johnny Cash played a role along with hundreds of other artists, producers, and influencers. While there is some slight overlap between the two museums, the Hall of Fame museum showcases the big picture and lets the individual see how Rock & Roll changed throughout his long career and the influence he had on it. They also had some great Johnny Cash items displayed that are a must see for any Johnny Cash fan.

Johnny Cash memorabilia at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Musem

So if you are the Johnny Cash fan that might only plan to go and see one museum, I would have to say sorry; figure out a way to see both of them because they are both great museums. Just allocate a lot of time when visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum because it is HUGE and you could easily spend an entire day there!
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