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Music icons Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are famous throughout the world so most of their life together is public knowledge. However, few people know that they owned a home in Jamaica and spent decades there, especially in their later years.
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While Johnny Cash was both a singer and a songwriter, sometimes he was just the singer and did away with the songwriting part of it; yes, even Johnny Cash performed and recorded "cover tunes". In music a cover tune is a new performance or recording of an old song made popular by someone else.
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Johnny Cash wrote and sang some silly songs that very few people could have pulled off the way he did. Usually when you declare a song silly it is almost a polite method of saying that the song isn't very good.
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Most everyone knows of the song, "Ring of Fire". Unless you have lived under a rock your whole life, you only need to hear a few notes of the familiar mariachi trumpets and you not only immediately know the song, but you also start singing the chorus - "I fell into a burning Ring of Fire.

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