WGGS Television Spot

Greenville, SC on December 19th 2007
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The Gang had the honor and unique opportunity of appearing on television, December 19th 2007. WGGS; channel 16 of Greenville, South Carolina, invited us on for a special holiday acoustic show hosted by Capt. O.A. Fish of North Carolina.

With a toned back version of our band, minus our drummer and bass player for this acoustic show, we performed a couple of songs throughout the two hour live broadcast and spent some time talking with Capt. Fish. The interview and sharing segment was a new experience for us. Sitting down and being interviewed, instead of performing, is not something a band like ours typically gets to do. It was a great opportunity for us to discuss the influence that Johnny Cash has had on our lives and why we chose to start a Cash tribute band. WGGS is a Dove Broadcasting, Inc. Christian television station so discussions obviously drifted toward the religious influences of Johnny Cash. Nobody in the band personally knew Johnny Cash, so we were careful not to speak for him, but it is obvious through his creative work that Cash had deep religious convictions. Through his music, books, and movies, Johnny Cash was able to reach out to many people. I think most everyone can relate to the perspective he portrayed in his lifes work. We believe that Cash gave hope to the hopeless and reached many people that society had given up on. His prison concerts, a subtle form of prison evangelism, provided hope with a sense of caring for those who needed it most. The Folsom Prison Gang is not an "impersonation" band, we just want to do Johnny proud by continuing to bring his great lyrics, music, and universal message of redemption to people of all ages.

Cash publicly testified to the power of God's healing grace, if you have any doubt or would like to learn more about his religious convictions, The Folsom Prison Gang recommends that you pick up a copy of his book titled, "The Man in White", or watch the DVD, "The Gospel Road", directed by Robert Elfstrom, narrated by Johnny, and starring himself along with his wife, June Carter Cash. Both projects provide straight talk with no compromises, since both are told by Johnny Cash, would you expect anything less?
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