Rotary Club

Pocomoke City, MD on January 19th 2008
Comments from the Band...
The Rotary Club of Pocomoke City, Maryland, hosted a fund raising event at the local Elk's Club and invited The Folsom Prison Gang to Perform.

First off, I have to say that the Gang had a great time getting to this show. The nine hour drive to Pocomoke City provided an opportunity for some great band bonding. We have never travelled over/under the engineering marvel that is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel before so that was also really cool! We were a little concerned early in the day about people braving the snow to come out for this event. We were told that east of the Bay, heavy snow is not very common and the fact that it started snowing before 12:00 noon, had us anticipating a small turn out for this event. Where we come from, in the south, the little snow we get each year makes people go out and buy their fair share of milk, bread and eggs and then hunker down for the next eight hours. However, the people who support the Rotary Club of Pocomoke City, Maryland are hard core and showed their support of this event whole heartedly! Subsequently, there were about 150 people who showed up to participate in this event and enjoy an evening of great food, drinks and Johnny Cash music. Since we were the only band performing we supplied all the backline PA's, lighting and sound. While the audience is the ultimate judge of the performance, we think it went over very well, and a good time was had by all.

One of the biggest fans of the show was Jimmy Cash (yeah...that's his real name). Jimmy is a huge Cash fan and when not busy in the "member's only" area of the club could be seen at the back of the room singing along with the band. As you can imagine, the GOT CASH? t-shirts went over well with him and his family. Thanks for the round Jimmy, it was very much appreciated! We really enjoyed the people of Pocomoke City and their hospitality.

A huge thank you to all who braved the snow to come out, see the show and support the Rotary Club!
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