Barley's Taproom

Spindale, NC on August 25th 2007
Comments from the Band...
It was nice to have an indoor gig after playing several outdoor shows. The outdoor shows are fun and we do enjoy them, but it is the summer, and we are in the South. Need I say more? Barley's Taproom is comfortable and climate controlled. Four of the five band members call Rutherford County home and frequent Barley's for the great food and variety of beers available on tap. Barley's Taproom has other locations in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC so they were a much anticipated and welcomed addition to the resturants in our area. We were extremely pleased to have the opportunity to play there.

The patrons at Barley's were a wonderful crowd and we appreciated everyone who came out for the show. As with all shows we put on, we hope we hit the right balance. It''s always a challenge when selecting Johnny Cash tunes for a set list; from a library of over 1,400 songs spanning a period of 50 years, we do our best to mix up the fast with the slow, the rockabilly with the dark ballad just like Cash did over his lifetime. To say that Cash's fan base is diverse is an understatement. As an artist, he can't be catagorized into a single type, style, or genre of music. He''s simply "Cash" and you either get it, or you don't. We're happy to see a lot of people get it. With fans ranging in age from toddler to senior citizens we''re honored to perform his music, music that relates to the people young and old.

Once again we'd like to thank the staff at Barley's for their support and help with the show. A special thanks to Mark for inviting us and to Tiffany for being the best waitress of the evening! You rock! We can''t wait to come back and play again.
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