The Johnny Cash Songs

Performed By

The Folsom Prison Gang

Johnny Cash stands alone as the American icon that created the genuine, unique and highly recognizable "American sound" that is almost a genre unto itself (read our blog entry What Genre is the music of Johnny Cash?). With a library of almost 1,500 recorded songs to choose from, there is no shortage of great Johnny Cash music that can be performed at any event. The following lists, grouped by the major phases of Johnny's career, are most of the songs performed by The Folsom Prison Gang. You can click on a song title for more information about that particular song.
Give My Love to Rose

Year Released:  1957
Country Charts:  13
Billboard Charts:  
An early Sun Records era favorite. 11 years after the original release, a great live version of this song was released on the epic "At Folsom Prison" recording that was released in 1968.