Coon Dog Day

Saluda, NC on July 6th 2013
Comments from the Band...
One of the risks of performing at outdoor festivals is that you never know how the weather is going to be on a particular day. While it seemed like this year's Coon Dog Day festival was going to be mostly dry with very pleasant temperatures in the mid 80's; it unfortunately didn't turn out that way. The massive downpour right before our show created some real technical challenges for us since we were also providing the sound system for the festival. We had some great songs queued up for everyone but were only able to get about half of them performed due to all of the technical issues we had to address. We are so thankful to everyone who braved the rain and hung out for our show! We wish that we could have done more for you but will have to make up for it next year.

Fortunately the rain did stop for a bit and we were able to get things fully functional for the next band. The festival continued and made it through to the street dance although the rain did eventually return and the city ended up cutting the festival a little short (about 90 minutes early). However plenty of people were out enjoying the street dance while it lasted. Larry and the boys from The Lonesome Road band put on a great show. It was almost like watching a scene from a movie as a heavy downpour returned but the band kept pickin' and everyone on the street continued dancing and cheering though it all. The rain wasn't going to stop this crowd from having a good time. We just love this festival!
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Comments from the Show...

Even tho' it rained, still, a good time was had by all!!! Def my fave festival. See you next year!!!
Mikey from Ruffton' on Jul-9-2013

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