Moonshine Mountain

Hendersonville, NC on February 23rd 2008
Comments from the Band...
What a facility! Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park & Indian Mining Adventure is the #1 Snow Tubing Park in the Southeast! Where else can you put a train of 20 people together to fly down a snow covered mountain? Folks came out by the masses to enjoy one of the last weekends of the season. Despite the warmer weather, Moonshine Mountain still had about 8 feet of snow on the hill. It was a blast to set up on the porch balcony facing the endless stream of tubes flying down the hill in organized chaos; a few of which were even kids of the band members.

Many made Moonshine Mountain their birthday destination this year so we got to shout out to them and get the crowd involved in helping us to sing "Happy Birthday".

It turned out to be a beautiful day. A big thanks to our host, Ole' Bob and his family, for inviting us out to perform. The Gang is scheduled to return to Moonshine Moutain for a 4th of July celebration and we are certainly looking forward to it. In the middle of summer, the massive mound of snow on the hill will be a distant memory, however there will still be plenty to do, from putt-putt to mining to helicopter rides there''s something for everyone at Moonshine Mountain. We had a great time and look forward to playing again soon.
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