Oakboro Summer Night Cruisers

Oakboro, NC on August 24th 2007
Comments from the Band...
Oakboro has a good thing going on with their regualr cruise-in''s, hosted the 4th Friday of each month. The cars that show up for this event are unbelievable!

Anybody with an appreciation for cars, motorcycles, monster trucks, and of course classics would absolutely love this event. There were more cars than we had time to look at parked up and down both sides of Main Street. But here, where crusin'' is still legal one Friday a month, you don''t have to walk up and down the street to see everything. Just bring your camp chair and get comfortable in one spot and watch the cars come cruising by. One of my favorites had to be the flame car, not just the paint job with the flames along side, this one has real fire shooting out the tailpipes. Now that''s entertainment!

At the end of the event is the burn-out which is unreal. We noticed the burn-out as a large cloud of smoke drifted across Main Street while we were breaking down our equipment. We finished loading up and walked over to the burn-out area just in time to see a truck blow out his tires. The crowd of spectators cheared as the loud boom echoed through town. Call it crazy, but there is something very cool about this event. The kids loved seeing and hearing the cars rev up and smoke their tires.

A lot of people walked over to see our performance and hung out listenting to some of our all time favorite Johnny Cash tunes. We played right in the middle of town in the Sun Trust parking lot overlooking all of the beautiful cars that were cruisin'' down main steet. We met a young man who is also a huge Cash fan, hopefully The Folsom Prison Gang now has a new fan too.

A big thank you to the town of Oakboro for having us. We sure enjoyed being a part of the fun and would love to come back and do it again sometime. Y''all have a great cruise-in, something Oakboro can be proud of!
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Comments from the Show...

Hey guys, I'm the "young man" ya'll met in Oakboro. I don't think I even introduced myself; my name is Jonathan. I really enjoyed your show and I'm going to try to make it to some of your dates that aren't too far away from me. I told some of my friends about you, so maybe you'll get some new fans.
Jonathan on Aug-28-2007

Hey Jonathan This is Robert (vocals) . I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and offering a kind word. The whole evening was pretty cool with all the cars and smoke... It was pretty cool to see a Cash Fan displaying his colors so proudly. Look forward to seeing you again soon or even back in Oakboro. Keep an eye out on the calender and Who knows? We might be back... or in the area.. Thanks... Robert
Robert on Aug-31-2007

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