To impersonate or not to impersonate, that is the Question?

The term "Tribute Band" has always been somewhat loose in defining whether or not a band is an impersonation act. Bands and the general public use the terms to basically refer to any artist, group or band playing music with a specific theme regardless of whether they are an impersonation act or not. I personally don't share this opinion as I believe there is a difference; a tribute band is a tribute band and an impersonation act is an impersonation act. Perhaps it is my IT background as I tend to be very logical on matters such as this, well on most matters in general. The term, "Tribute Band" as it applies to The Folsom Prison Gang, means that we are a tribute band and not an impersonation act. We also clearly state this on the front page of our website because we have never had any intention of being an impersonation act so we hope we are not perceived as one. While most of the other Johnny Cash tribute acts out there go to great lengths to describe how closely they resemble and act like Johnny Cash, we choose to be different. Why is this you ask? It all came down to recognizing and accepting the fact that there will never be another person like Johnny Cash. The mold was broken after him and we felt that trying to impersonate him would be setting ourselves up for failure, it was an unattainable goal, it just could never happen. I don't mean to put down any of the other Johnny Cash tribute bands (impersonation bands?) out there as I recognize that everyone has their own style and way of trying to honor Johnny Cash. I am just saying that this method of honoring his legacy wasn't right for us. We are huge Johnny Cash fans who humbly confess that we are nowhere near his level so we won't even try to go down that path. Our focus is to be a true tribute band and to honor the legacy of Johnny Cash by playing his music, sometimes in our own style, and helping the next generation of Johnny Cash fans discover and learn about the great person we call, "The Man in Black".
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