Do you know that Johnny Cash has his own radio station? In this modern era of Internet radio, yes, Johnny Cash has his own radio station. It is located at The radio site is run by none other than the #1 Johnny Cash fan, Bill Miller, who also runs and the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Bill also receives help from his wife Shannon Miller, his son Blake Miller, a few members of the Cash family (Laura Cash and Joanne Cash), WS Holland (Johnny's drummer), along with several other people who all work to keep the legacy of Johnny Cash alive while producing a quality program of Cash themed shows that run 24/7. You can even download some of the shows as a podcast and listen to them offline via your MP3 player. What better way to spend your morning commute than listening to Johnny Cash Radio?

The Johnny Cash Radio program is an independent tribute to Johnny Cash and runs solely off of Bill's passion and fan involvement and support. You can help support Johnny Cash Radio through several methods and I encourage all fans to help however they can:

  • The easiest way to help is just by listening to the show. The more regular listeners there are to the site, the more it will expand and grow.

  • If you want to purchase a Johnny Cash CD, t-shirt, DVD, or any other Cash themed item, pick it up via the Johnny Cash Store at Not only is the Johnny Cash Store home to the world's largest collection of Cash related items, it also helps to support Johnny Cash Radio.

  • Tell a friend about the radio show!

  • Sponsor Johnny Cash Radio. There are a number of recurring and one-time sponsors that are a part of keeping the legacy of Johnny Cash alive and well. You too can be a part of this by becoming a financial sponsor of Johnny Cash Radio. Any amount is beneficial and helps tremendously.

So on this week of Johnny's birthday, go give the Johnny Cash Radio a listen and maybe send Bill and his crew an email to let them know how much you enjoy listening to it. I am sure that they would love the feedback.
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