Rosanne Cash wrote a great article in the magazine, Oxford American (Winter 2013 edition - Issue 83) that is an absolute must read for fans of both Rosanne and Johnny Cash. The article is titled, "Long Way Home". In the article Rosanne generously opens up and beautifully articulates her memories of growing up as the daughter of Johnny Cash. She continues on to write about becoming her own person; about all of the love, pain, frustration, joy and drama that comes with the totality of life as a daughter, mother, wife, neighbor, friend, and so on. The article is extremely well written and tells a story like you would expect from someone with the last name Cash (clearly the apple didn't fall far from the tree). As a father myself, I related most to Roseanne's memories of her father. The way she describes his complete and unconditional love that flowed throughout their time together was absolutely beautiful! I hope my kids would one day describe my love for them the same way.

Another thing that stood out for me about the article was the use of the word epic to describe someone's cooking. Rosanne makes the statement, "The meals were epic", when she described Grandmother Carrie Cash's cooking, so "Mama Cash's Kitchen" is the next book on my list to get.

Anything else I try to say about the article pales in comparison to actually reading it yourself, so go read it! Here is a link, "Long Way Home".
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