If you were asked to put Johnny Cash music into a specific genre, what would you say? Rock-n-Roll? Rockabilly? Country? Americana? Gospel? You would be correct with any of these (and many others) but you would also be wrong or, at minimum, incomplete. How do you put someone like Johnny Cash into a single category? This is a person that recorded almost 1,500 songs and has been inducted into just about every "Hall of Fame" that there is. If you just did a simple radio check, you would find Johnny Cash songs being played on just about every music station on the radio regardless of their genre affiliation. I know from the personal experience of being in a Johnny Cash tribute band that when we perform, the crowd that we attract could only be described as "varied". It is old people, young people, in-between people, the country crowd, the rock-n-roll crowd, college kids, etc...it is everyone! So I return to my original question, what genre is the music of Johnny Cash? Perhaps the answer is that the genre is Johnny Cash. Is that even possible? Is there anyone else that warrants their own genre? Is there anyone like Johnny Cash? I know, so many questions.
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